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Damaris Bonilla - founder Of Healing Chiropractic and Rehab Center


Damaris Bonilla, the founder of “Healing Chiropractic and Rehab Center”, started this alternative health center, after she had suffered injuries in her spine as result of an auto accident. In order to comply with her Volleyball scholarship at George Mason University, she decided to find a job at a chiropractic center as a Manager/Marketing Director to receive free care there and stay in good shape to play volleyball for the university. At this facility, she learned the whole world of chiropractic and was able to play few techniques that end up putting this office in a much better position financially that when she originally started working there. Years later she opened her first office in the City of Gaithersburg, MD in 2003 and a year later she opened the office in Silver Spring, MD and then in 2018 the office in Frederick. Since then Healing Chiropractic has been serving the community, especially to those that has been affected in AUTO ACCIDENTS. She’s very pleased to provide help and guidance to those affected by car accidents that remain, injured as severely as she was.

Our Staff

Dr. Harris

Dr. Harris - Chiropractor

Dr. Harris was born in Texas and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, Texas in 1988. He practiced chiropractic over 27 years in Maryland and Louisiana.

With his love of chiropractic, Dr. Harris promotes complete wellness and natural healing.

He enjoys playing golf, hiking and bicycling in his spare time.

Dr. Brent Staddon

Frame 495 Dr. Brent Staddon - Chiropractor1).png

-From Hagerstown, MD- Undergraduate degree from West Virginia University, Bachelors in Exercise Physiology, 2009- Graduate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic, 2014Dr. Brent enjoys spending his free time being active, playing golf, lifting weights, spending time with his daughter, and vacations with his family at the beach.

Dr. Boesche

Dr. Boesche - Chiropractor

Dr. Boesche began practicing in New York after graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 1983. In 1984 Dr. Boesche moved to Maryland and began practicing in a large well known group practice in the surrounding Baltimore area and eventually settled in an Ellicott City practice. After leaving the group in 1992, Dr. Boesche started a solo practice named Friendship Chiropractic Center in West Friendship. Dr. Boesche's focus with regard to care is an orthopedic and neurologic approach to correct and restore function to affected areas of the musculoskeletal system. There is strong emphysis on correction , education and rehabilitation. Dr. Boesche is currently practicing in both the Sykesville/Cooksville/Lisbon/Columbia/Ellicott City area and in Towson/Baltimore County, Maryland. With prevailing changes in health care coverages...One thing has remained a constant. That is that the patient is here in my office for help for a condition , generally pertaining to a bio mechanical issue, which he/she cannot remedy on their own. Most often that requires a change in direction and support of that change. Love to play with animals

Human Vertebral Column

Chiropractic care concentrates on spinal health and joint motion, acknowledging the spine as the body’s main infrastructure affecting every living tissue.

Stress, overexertion, accidents and falls can upset spinal alignment, causing irritation and inflammation of spinal nerve roots and joints that can lead to physical malfunctions. Chiropractors address disease and injury by adjusting the spine, primarily through manual manipulation.

Chiropractic is completely noninvasive and used to treat a variety of nervous system and musculoskeletal disorders that includes headache, shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, lower back pain, herniation, TMJ and sports-related injury. The chiropractic professionals at Multi-Specialty HealthCare are experts in caring for people with spinal misalignment and promoting spinal health.

4 Convenient Locations to Serve You Better...

Visit us to show you our alternative services and specialties that will leave you as good as new.

Healing Chiropractic in Gaithersburg

We are located on 355 across the street from Boston Market Chicken and next to Truist Bank. Phone: 301-527-1510 / Fax: 240-651-3591
Teléfono principal: 301-675-8182

Healing Chiropractic in Frederick

We are attached to Little Caesars, PNC Bank and Eagle Supermarket. Phone: 240-815-6922 / Fax: 240-651-3591
Main Phone: 301-675-8182

Healing Chiropractic in Silver Spring